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Quatrefoil Cowhide Rug

Quatrefoil Cowhide Rug

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The most elegant room in your home such as your parlor or living room should receive a rug that complements and accentuates its gorgeous décor, whether it boasts a timeless, traditional appeal or a contemporary aesthetic. This luxurious hair on hide rug, no matter where it is placed, will be able to withstand a lot of traffic, making it a choice that can last for years to come. Available in two varieties, the first features rich shades of brown in small squares with asymmetrical coloring that looks great on dark hardwood floors; the second rug boasts neutral grays with varying shades of brown and tan, also asymmetrically placed in squares. Both of these possess a lavish layer of white quatrefoil pattern atop the colors for a striking contrast.


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